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The Rybar Group - 2022

Making Healthcare Reimbursement Easy: Identifying Reimbursement Opportunities for Healthcare Providers and Professionals


The Rybar Group (TRG) is a healthcare financial consulting firm that specializes in improving reimbursement for clients.

The target hospital market for the TRG is the small to medium sized hospitals. Each hospital annually files a Medicare cost report. The cost report contains demographic and financial data. That data is available in a government public use files. We want to use that data to identify potential opportunities for hospitals that we can assist them in obtaining.

Project Scope

The goal of this project will be to identify missed reimbursement opportunities for hospitals by using the public use files. The data to be abstracted from the public use files will be identified by TRG consultants.


  • Project Presentation – A presentation to be given at the end of the semester detailing the findings and suggested next steps.
  • Project Documentation – A detailed word document walking through the process used to identify data, how the data was collected, and the opportunities were identified. Including detailed reports that can be updated when new data is available.
  • Project Code – Well documented code that was used on the project. This will include detailed instructions for updating the data and reports.

Additional Questions

  • Can we build a model to project future costs and revenues?
  • Can we develop a model to identify trends in like hospitals?
  • Can we create comparison reports by like hospitals or in the same geographic areas to use for benchmarking?