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Amway - 2023

Customer Migration: Do Customers Migrate Between Different Types of Product Lines?


For any business it is critical to understand how customers come into the business and how they leave. Within that journey a customer might take many different paths and it is important to understand which products they engaged with an why. If we can analyze our customer base to determine if a customer migrates between business lines such as Beauty to Nutrition, then we can start to identify which customer features might help explain that migration.

Project Scope

The goal of this project will be to answer if customers migrate between business lines, and if so, which customer features might help explain that migration. Datasets will be aggregated and anonymized from the US market for 2019 - 2021 at a monthly level for each business owner. Randomized subsets of data will be used to help with speed, cleaning and development.


  • Project Presentation – A presentation to be given at the end of the semester detailing the findings and suggested next steps.
  • Project Documentation – A detailed word document walking through the software used, how the data was cleaned and analyzed, and any assumptions made.
  • Project Code – Well documented code that was used on the project.