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About Us

Our goal is to help you succeed! We emphasize expert tutoring in a relaxed friendly environment conducive to learning mathematics. With the help of experienced staff in the MLC, you will come to better understand the concepts covered in your math class.

For which courses is tutoring offered?

The MLC offers free expert help for all freshmen-level courses through Calculus III and Differential Equations, as well as limited assistance in higher-level classes.

How do tutors help?

Surveys show that students do significantly better if they regularly keep up with their homework and seek help early. MLC tutors help you understand concepts; help you get started on difficult homework problems so that you understand how to approach and complete problems on your own.

The MLC tutors students in Mathematics. Tutors are not trained in conveying expectations about the amount of work needed to get full credit on quizzes or exams as different instructors/classes expectations may vary. These questions should always be directed to your instructor. Tutors will always try their best but, we are only human and it is unreasonable to expect that we will never make a mistake. The MLC staff tries very hard to hire and train excellent tutors but cannot be held responsible by potential misinformation given to students by tutors. Remember that your instructor is the ultimate authority on course material. If you feel that you were given inaccurate information at the MLC, please report this to the MLC coordinator: Jane Zimmerman

Who are the tutors?

The MLC is staffed primarily by teaching and learning assistants in current mathematics courses at MSU. The high quality of this staff is verified by ratings from their own student evaluations. Surveys of those who use the center show our staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. The MLC maintains an average ratio of 4 to 1 (students to tutors) so that students get appropriate assistance. Of course, near exam and assignment times, it may be busier.

Does the MLC really help?

Students report striking improvement in their scores due to help they received in the MLC. On average, students report their grades jumped up by .5 to 1.5 (on a 4.0 scale). Recent MLC data analysis showed similar improvement in exam scores.

MLC History

The MLC was born in 1994, out of a desire to offer every student free effective help in their first-year math courses. The original MLC was located in 4 rooms in the classroom wing (A-wing) of Wells Hall. Now the main MLC location is room 2110 of the STEM Building. In 2010, the MLC began extending its help to neighborhood MLCs in residence halls. Now in addition to the main center in STEM Building, we have four thriving neighborhood centers, each with its own personality, serving students near where they live.