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Student Comments

Here are some comments from student users of the MLC:

"The MLC is great and I can’t imagine surviving any math class without it."

"I am so grateful for the MLC! They are extremely helpful, and I strongly believe I wouldn't have made it through calculus without the help."

"The MLC is great and I can’t imagine surviving any math class without it."

"I love having an MLC right in my hall; it is very convenient. They help me especially with preparation for exams and quizzes. I think it is a great resource."

"I LOVE THE MLC. I saw drastic and immediate change in my math grades after I started going to the MLC."

"With the MLC, I feel confident that I will be able to succeed in my future, higher level math courses. I highly recommend going to the MLC to every student that is currently in a math class."

"I have been going to the MLC at least 3x a week since fall of my Freshman year. I got a 4.0 Calc 1, 4.0 Calc 2, and I hopefully will get a 4.0 Calc 3. This was all because of the MLC."

"I don’t know how every student at MSU doesn’t attend the MLC like I do. Best place to do your math homework and ask about specific questions."

"I recommend the MLC to everyone whether they are struggling with their math class or not. I will for sure continue to go to the MLC throughout college."

"The thing about the MLC that I appreciate the most is that the tutors don't make me feel stupid when I don't understand something. It makes me want to come back and helps my motivation in math."

"Math is a real struggle for me. If it weren't for the MLC, I wouldn't understand HALF of the concepts that are lectured in class."

"The tutors are so nice and helpful! I see them outside of the MLC often, and they converse with me and are very pleasant. Great staff."

"All of the tutors are so helpful and friendly. Brody is definitely a great place to get help and I always refer them to my friends."

"The hours are very convenient and I know that if I have a problem I will walk out of there with it solved."

"The MLC definitely helped me this semester! There were a few tutors who helped me multiple times and they were all wonderful."

"Honestly, the MLC helped me so much this semester, and I couldn't thank them enough. They are AWESOME."